PROFESSIONAL SPORTS LEAGUE MANAGEMENT WEBSITES =======================================

Micromax Design and Consulting Inc. specializes in creating profitable, professional, guaranteed website initiatives for businesses. We concentrate on designing client websites that get noticed and visited regularly.

Our business experience, as well as our technical background, helps to propel client success dramatically. Micromax Design and Consulting Inc. expertise centers around helping businesses to get a loyal following with present and potential clients, via a variety of specialized digital tools. We have a business guarantee process that assures clients of satisfaction and outcomes.

Our Specialties:

1) Professional, Multimedia Website Design

2) Website Design that is functional and attracts attention and pulls viewers into a sales funnel

3) Professional Hosting and Corporate E-mail

4) Membership/Newsletter Services to attract and retain clients

5) Geometric Marketing System (TM) which: a) attracts clients b) creates attention and interaction c) markets via automation d) converts viewers into followers e) automates the sale of your products or services

6) Search Engine Optimization

7) Professional Sports League Management Websites